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Jul, 29 Publication from Darlene

Earlier this summer, London-based Gabriella Wilde flew to New York to shoot our FW15 campaign. We caught up with the beautiful star on set in Brooklyn to discuss the campaign, her style and career…

What is it about rag & bone that resonates with you?
rag & bone has an understated coolness. It is chic with an edge which I love. I’ve always been a big fan of the brand, it appeals to my natural style.
What were your thoughts about the campaign concept?
I loved the concept. It was very different, a bit raw. It was really fun to shoot. I love the hardness of the images.
What do you like about New York?
New York has an energy like no other city in the world. I never really feel like it’s real life when I am there.
How would you define your style?
I have never followed trends but just like what I like. I usually prefer to dress in a simple way, but wear clothes that are well made. I’m not a girly girl and I often like to wear men’s clothing. My husband probably influences my style the most – I steal his clothes a lot.
When did you decide you wanted to become an actress?
I did my first few photoshoots when I was 14 with Isabella Blow and then Naomi (Campbell) took me to her agency – that’s when the work started to pick up. I moved into acting when I was 20 while I was studying painting at college.

What’s the best advice you have received so far regarding acting?
Nothing is wrong.
Is acting in your blood?
Neither of my parents are actors but they are both very artistic and my mother is certainly a performer in life. My siblings are a creative bunch too, so I guess it’s in us all from somewhere.
What kind of roles appeal to you?
Anything that rings true.
You have a beautiful son, Sasha. Has motherhood changed you in many ways?
Yes, totally. I can’t remember life or my outlook before I had my son. Nothing will give you more clarity in an instant than becoming a mother.
Finally, we noticed you have a tattoo on your wrist, is there a special meaning behind it and do you have any others
It’s the number seven. I am the seventh child in my family and it’s my lucky number. And yes, I have a few more…

Jul, 29 Publication from Darlene

Jul, 22 Publication from Darlene

Apr, 30 Publication from Darlene

I added the scans to our gallery, they are tagged with a watermark. So if you use please credit us! You can still order your own copy here.

Scans > 2015 > April 2015 – So It Goes magazine

Apr, 8 Publication from Darlene


Today it’s Gabriella’s 26th Birthday. We from GabriellaWilde.net wish her a happy birthday filled with lots of love from her family and friends. And in honour of her birthday the website got a new layout!

Mar, 20 Publication from Darlene

Gabriella was seen at the Oceana’s Junion Council Fashion For The Future event on March 19, in London. She’s wearing a beautiful black dress.

Appearances > 2015 > March 19th – Oceana’s Junion Council Fashion For The Future event

Mar, 13 Publication from Darlene

Mar, 2 Publication from Darlene

I’ve added new pictures of Gabriella for Estée Lauder campaign Courrèges. I also added the print ads to our gallery.


Career > Modelling > Campaigns > 2015 > Estée Lauder Print Ads – Courrèges

Feb, 28 Publication from Darlene

Gabriella is the face of three Estée Lauder campaigns. She models for Crescent White we posted about this before. She also models for Nutritious Vitality 8 and the Courreges Estée Lauder makeup collection. All three campaigns were shot by Craig McDean in New York.

I’ve added a new photo from – I think Courreges Estée Lauder makeup collection – to our gallery.

x001 Career > Modelling > Campaigns > 2015 > Estée Lauder – Courreges Estée Lauder makeup

Feb, 27 Publication from Darlene

Gabriella wears clothing from Acne Studios and the photos are taken by James Wright. So It Goes Mag issue 5 will be released next month.

x002 Photoshoots > 2015 > #001