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I’d really love to be a versatile, chameleon-like actress, stretching myself a bit.

This is a profession in which how you look dictates whether or not you get work, so a model has to be healthy.

I’m not a fashionista – I adore creative and original people with their own style.

Burberry is so cool. I really admire Christopher’s (Bailey) work, not only because he creates such beautiful dresses, but also because he helps a lot of young talents, from music to movies, “all British”. It’s been a huge honour for me to be chosen as testimonial. Being in the Burberry world even if only for one season it’s been a memorable experience, like posing for the photoshoot with the greatest photographer in the world.

“I have to admit that I’m very lucky… in my short career I have already played all these roles, without having attended any acting school or classes. Thing I’ll have to keep in mind if I’ll ever being offered stage roles. I still have so much to learn.

I’m often in the US, in Los Angeles, even just for auditions, but every time I can I come back here. I miss London’s elegance and culture. There isn’t spontaneity in America.

I like it [fashion], but only on the magazines. I have fun browsing the magazines’ pages, I’m intrigued by the photoshoots’ creativity. That’s why I still model. But I don’t follow any trend. My style is super casual: a pair of jeans, maybe black, a male jacket, and I’m ready.

 “I never felt comfortable modelling. I fell into it. You’re taught to be incredibly self-aware, which is the opposite of good acting. It could be why many models-turned-actresses aren’t successful. As soon as I had the confidence to decide what I wanted, I left modelling, as it never really inspired me.”

When you’re young, whatever you do that makes you stand out is a frightening thing. You learn later that that’s what you want to do, stand out.

It’s a little strange when part of your family is in the public eye and you’re being put into  a box that you’re not necessarily in. That’s when it starts to feel a bit odd. When you’re being told who you are, but it’s incorrect.

“It can be hard to know where you exist outside of a big family, to find your own autonomy. You get given certain roles. And when you want to change, like when I became an actress, it can be strange. I had always wanted to be a painter, That’s what I was going to do, that was my thing.”

I was very interested in the making of what I was doing [painting], but I had very little interest in the finished product. I am not sure I would have made a very good professional artist.

I’m starting to realise that the key to happiness is the simplest life possible. Living simply is what I’m aiming for.

“Fame is a slightly bizarre thing to me. Obviously it goes hand in hand with acting, but it’s something that’s kind of abstract. I don’t really register it.”

“My experience in modelling has helped me to feel comfortable around cameras. That can really throw you if you’re not used to it. But I was so young. I started when I was 14 and stopped when I was 17. So I wasn’t so settled in who I was, as opposed to where I am now.”

“I have a lot of sisters so beauty has always been a part of my life. I’m one of the youngest so I always wanted to emulate my older sisters from a young age—to use the same creams and makeup that they all used. I’ve figured out my own way as I’ve gotten older, and I’ve benefited from letting them make the mistakes for me in the 90s! But my mom always used the same products, so I sort of learned to ‘stick with what you know’ from her.”

“I like acting because I love the creative process. You meet with all these amazing people, and you get to spend three months working with them instead of just one day! It’s such a collaborative process, even though I never watch the end result. I hate seeing myself on screen!”

“I still live in London but I’m back and forth between New York and L.A. New York is a little more fast-paced than London, but it is very European so it feels most like home. I feel like an alien in L.A.! The whole city revolves around film so every single person works in the industry, which is a little bit strange.”

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