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Gabriella, Alex Pettyfer, Dayo Okeniyi and Rhys Wakefield are featured Girlfriend Magazine. Emily Laurence spent the night with them in the zoo for an interview. You can check it out in our gallery.

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Gabriella is featured in the new issue of InStyle magazine: some of the pics have just been added to the gallery. I’ll add HQs as soon as I find them!


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Love is in the air for English actress Gabriella Wilde, who reprises the role made famous by Brooke Shields in Endless Love. Before Valentine’s Day, she tells Ainslie Chandler why her preparation didn’t include watching the original.

Stepping into a role once played by Hollywood darling Brooke Shields could be a nerve-wracking experience for some actors. But British actress Gabriella Wilde says it never occurred to her to be intimidated by the role of Jade Butterfield in the remake of Shields’ Endless Love. click to read more »

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English rose Gabriella Wilde sizzles in slushy romance Endless Love.. but doesn’t care for big Valentine’s Day gestures

ENDLESS Love actress Gabriella Wilde gave birth to her first child last week and admits she’s not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, preferring more romantic everyday touches to one-off displays of affection.

LAST night, many of you will have gone to the cinema to get all romantic for Valentine’s by watching Endless Love. But the star of the film, 24-year-old Gabriella Wilde, stayed in and reckons romance is doing nothing. Gabriella, who gave birth last week to her first child, said: “I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day.“I think it can be romantic doing nothing on Valentine’s Day. It’s more romantic than being given a big bunch of flowers that everyone else is doing.” click to read more »

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Gabriella’s co-star, Alex Pettyfer enjoyed working with her. Here’s what he said about her.

She’s English, and I’m English. There was a connection that we could build off of there. Shana set the atmosphere and the environment for us to become close and to become friends.

“It’s very hit-and-miss with that kind of stuff. But, I had a lovely time with her. Hopefully, it came across on screen.”

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