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Poldark Series 3 -An adaptation of the fifth and sixth novels in Winston Graham’s Poldark Series. Returning for her second series of Poldark, Gabriella Wilde reveals that there is a turbulent journey in store for her character, Caroline Penvenen, this time around.
“There is a lot of loss for Caroline this series, she loses her uncle and she begins to believe she has also lost her husband, Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) too when he goes missing in France. So whilst she is struggling with the grief of her loss, she is fearful that it may soon be two fold.

“Through that she really develops her relationship with Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) and cements herself within society in Cornwall becoming very much a part of that world. With the sadness Caroline endures throughout the series we see her grow up a lot.”

Gabriella has enjoyed developing Caroline’s relationships with different characters this series and specifically, her friendship with Demelza.

“With Dwight being away, Ross and Demelza take Caroline in, they look after her and it is really nice for her, to have friends.

“In the last series she didn’t really have interactions with female characters, she didn’t have any female friends or a mother or sisters and she was living in this male environment, which, I think, was why she was so sharp. However, in this series Caroline’s relationship with Demelza really develops and the kinship they share, although they are so different, is really lovely and has been a joy to play out.”

Whilst her friendship with Demelza strengthens, Caroline’s relationship with Dwight is tested more than ever.

“Their relationship is a huge rollercoaster this series. At the start it was all very young much love whereas now it is more about their marriage and having to face very tough obstacles.

“When Dwight finally returns home, he may return physically but he struggles to come home mentally. Caroline is dealing with Dwight’s severe post traumatic stress disorder and she is feeling very rejected by him. That is something she has never really experienced before, let alone from the man she loves and has just married. She is in Cornwall and has just lost her uncle and so it is quite frightening for her at this moment and she loses some of her naivety through that. It is a very turbulent journey this series for her and for their relationship.”

Whilst her character was going through a tumultuous period, Gabriella had to shake off Caroline’s emotions rather swiftly.

“As I had my baby boy on set with me I had to be able to drop my character’s emotions hour by hour rather than carrying Caroline with me.

“It is always hard and weird doing the big dramatic scenes and then running to feed my son, having to constantly switch in and out of it but you just learn as it goes along.

“It was a bizarre first six months of his life but it was amazing to be able to be a working mother and have my son with me, it was a luxury that I was very lucky to have.”

Gabriella reveals what it is about Caroline that makes her such an enjoyable character to return to.

“Caroline isn’t your standard female character, especially for a period drama as she is punchy and bright and very quick witted. Caroline doesn’t fit the mould of her initial character breakdown; a rich heiress in the 18th Century, as like Demelza, she is incredibly strong but in a very different way.

“Poldark has very strong female characters that are written in a very clever way. Caroline doesn’t have to be so tough all of the time, she is bright and frustrated by her position but at the same time she also enjoys it which is quite real and refreshing. She doesn’t have to be this hardened woman to be a strong woman, she is still young and naïve and joyful in lots of ways but will also not be told what to do.”

Gabriella reveals what she believes to be the secret to Poldark’s success.

“Poldark’s popularity comes initially from the stories, the brilliant writing as there is something about Poldark that is quite current. Whilst it is a period drama the themes that run through it are relevant. You get that Sunday night escapism but it also touches a sensitivity in people at the moment.”

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The face of Mappin & Webb and one of the stars of BBC hit period drama Poldark, British actress Gabriella Wilde reflects on her career, life in the country and working with Aidan Turner

Despite first impressions, Gabriella Wilde is no shrinking violet. Granted, with her angelic features and softly spoken voice, it would be an easy assumption to make. However, having pursued two of the most competitive industries, modelling and acting, she is by no means timid, and for those of you who watched the second series of the BBC’s hit period drama Poldark, in which she plays the feisty Caroline Penvenen, you perhaps wouldn’t be surprised.

Speaking to 27-year-old Wilde, her slightly reserved nature undoubtedly makes her come across as more reticent than some of her acting peers and she admits that she has never been one “to shout the loudest in the room”. And yet, this suggests that she is far more self-assured than many others in an industry that seems to be riddled with self-doubt and low self-esteem. click to read more »

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Gabriella donated her hair to the Little PrincessTrust charity and chopped her hair into a cute bob.

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Here’s a first look of Gabriella as Caroline Penvenen. She’s here pictured together with Hugh Skinner who plays Unwin Trevaunance.

Caroline is a complete minx: rich, beautiful and clever. She delights in tormenting people, but underneath there is a sweet, generous and complex heart.
UNWIN TREVAUNANCE (Hugh Skinner), Unwin dreams of becoming an MP only so that Caroline (and her fortune) will consent to marry him. He is obsessed with the latest fashions and not the sharpest tool in the box.
Poldark new series
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websiteToday it’s Gabriella’s 27th Birthday. We from Gabriella Wild Network wish her a happy birthday filled with lots of love from her family and friends.

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